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WHOIS on 3R Registry

.mw Registry Transition to 3R

Malawi SDNP hereby announces that the .mw domain registry has been upgraded to a 3R platform with multiple registrars on full EPP. The following advance announcements have been running for over a month now:
1: TLDs, Registry, Registrar and Registrants, Policy
2: Upgrade on .mw Domain Registry

What You Need To Do:

  1. Verify Your Domain in 3R Registry
  2. Read the Policy Upgrade
  3. Become A Registrar

Verify Your Domain in 3R Registry

SDNP is calling upon everyone with a .mw domain to use the WHOIS in the 3R registry to verify the domain migration to 3R and to make updates where needed.

Read the Policy Upgrade

In upgrading from a 2R to a 3R registry, a policy upgrade has also been made to cover new areas such as introduction of multiple registrars.

Become a .mw Registrar

SDNP is inviting applications for accreditation to become a .mw registrar, see the form at

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